Creating a Blog called Country Kitchen Chaos

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Distracted person’s kitchen

I am so glad to start a blog.  I think that my food blog will be an exciting adventure for you and me.

Country Kitchen Chaos or CKC will help the disorganized cook become an organized and confident in the kitchen.  I know what it is like to have chaos in the kitchen, as I am a person with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD). I sometimes – should I say – often, have time management issues and organizational issues that have made it hard for me to enjoy the cooking process.  I used to be an “armchair” cook; I read my way through hundreds of cookbooks and learned so much about technique and methods.  But, when I did cook, I had problems following recipes and creating them.  Now, I have systems that tame the chaos.  I use these systems to work with the recipes, use equipment and ingredients and I have become much more efficient in the kitchen.  The bottom line is that I love to cook and bake and I want to share my experiences and knowledge with you.

I will be publishing not only recipes and photos, but tips and methods for being more empowered in the kitchen.  So, come share my journey. Let me tell you something about my background.  As a child, I didn’t care about food, cooking or eating.  As a teenager, I learned to make eggs, as I felt I could eat them and not have to think about food for a while.  Fortunately, I went to live in Paris when I was 21 years old.  That experience turned me into a passionate foodie.  I can clearly remember the taste sensations from my first meals there.  I started to learn how to cook and I enjoyed everything about the wonderful food, I encountered in the homes and restaurants in France.  I was lucky to cook, side-by-side with Parisian cooks.  However, when I returned to New York City, I found it hard to stay organized as a solo cook. So, my repertoire stayed small.   Some years later, I was came to live in Europe again.  This time, I settled in Florence, Italy and was delighted to discover authentic Tuscan cuisine.  I learned the Italian style of cooking from my Italian friends and brought home a treasure trove of recipes and cooking experiences.  However, once alone in my NYC apartment, my ADD made it hard to be organized and efficient.

Fortunately, I also have had some wonderful professional cooking and baking experiences.  The guidance of culinary professionals helped me shed my “armchair” cooking for real cooking. My blog is called Country Kitchen Chaos.  I was going to call it Chaos in the Kitchen, but the domain name was taken.  Lucky for me my current name was not!  It is very appropriate because I have been living in the country in upstate New York.  I live in a tiny, dairy farm country community.  I do not have a farm, but I am blessed to get so many food products straight from nearby farms.  I think I live a food paradise.  I also have a ow culinary business in which I teach culinary classes, sell baked goods and stage afternoon-style tea events.  I struggle with my ADD issues, but I continually improve and now it is time for me to share with you.

So, let’s get cooking in the kitchen and shed the chaos. I look forward to your feedback.